For all Cross-Approval requests, please follow the instructions below:

If you have an current Lender Approval (and wish to have your Lender provide the necessary documents), please have him/her submit the following:

  • Automated Underwriting Report (DU or LP)
  • 1008 & 1003 Forms
  • All items in the Document Checklist below (which are requested on the DU or LP report)

If you do not have a current Lender Approval, please do the following:

  • Please  and complete the Loan Application via our secured website
  • Provide all items in the Document Checklist below


If any of the below-referenced items do not apply to you, please feel free to disregard the request to supply


  • Paystubs / LES: most recent 30 days (to document all sources of income)
  • W2 / 1099 Forms: 2013 & 2014
  • Federal Tax Returns (all pages): 2013 & 2014
    • NOTE: If you have not yet filed your 2014 Tax Returns, please provide a copy of your 2014 Extension (and your 2012/2013 W2/1099 Forms & Federal Tax Returns)
    • NOTE: If you have any Corporate Returns (i.e. K1’s, 1120’s, etc.), please provide these forms as well for the years stated above


  • Checking & Savings Account Statements (all pages): Most recent 3 months
  • Additional Investments and/or Retirement Account Statements: Most recent 3 months (or quarterly) 


  • Legible copy of Drivers License for each Borrower
  • For each residential property you currently own (that will not be sold prior to closing escrow on your new property):
    • ‚ÄčEvidence of Homeowners Insurance ("Declarations Page" which shows your coverage amounts)
    • Recent statement for your mortgage(s)
    • Lease Agreements (if applicable)
    • Homeowner Association (HOA) Contact Information & Monthly HOA Dues Payment Statement with Amount (if applicable)‚Äč

Friendly Tips (to ensure the smoothest experience possible):
  Most of the above referenced documents can be acquired/sent electronically via a “PDF” file. For example:

  • Tax Returns – Your CPA can securely email these documents to you. 
  • Bank Statements – Nearly every Bank now has the ability to download bank statements on their websites (this can help you save time/expense of copying extra pages) 
  • “All pages” truly means ALL PAGES - Even if a page of your bank statements or tax returns appear
    to be insignificant, current underwriting guidelines (for all Lenders) want every page (even if it is a 
    blank page that only says “Page 4 of 4”) 
  • Time Saving Suggestion –  When completing the Loan Application, you do not need to provide a
    of your monthly credit card & auto loan expenses (as these figure will be imported directly from your 
    credit report into our system).  You can also leave all “account numbers” blank on your assets
    portion of the application (as we will take this data directly from your monthly/quarterly statements).

You are more than welcome to scan these items and send them to me via email, use the FAX number listed below (which goes directly to my computer via e-FAX), or we can meet in person...whichever you prefer.



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